Fancy a cartoon image of yourself that you can use as your social media pic?

Then send us an image (the higher quality the better) and we'll remove the background and turn you into a cartoon.

We'll send you a .PNG file (transparent background) that you can use electronically or take it to your printer and get a number of products printed!

If you want a colour added at the back we can do this too and send you a .JPEG file.....just let us know what colour!

Fame at last!!

Cartoon Me (Image Only)

Background Colour
    • Once you have placed an order online, email your picture along with your order number to
    • If you're not happy the first time round - we can make upto 3 changes free of charge
    • All images will be completed and sent within 48 hours of request
    • The higher res the image you send us the better but we can work with most files.
    • If you require a team photo or action shot with a more than one player send us an email of the picture and we'll send you a quote within 24 hours.